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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Marvel Vs. Capcom 3

Most of the people I know come to me for game reviews because I have nothing better to do then play everything that comes out.

Heh, Guess it's a good a time as ever to start reviewing on here.

The VS scene has been a small niche in the fighting genre. The games have always been sought after because of the clashing of fighting styles and seeing there favorites battling it out to the death. Marvel VS. Capcom 3 is no different.

Riding on the coattails of mvc2's massive fame. Mvc3 seems to have potential but is looking for dlc to save it from the launch's shortcomings.

The graphics.
Beautiful 3d models, following closely to street fighter IV's art style compose the characters and npc's. Iconic stages, spanning from Kattleox Island to Umbrella Corp and Camelot. Most of the characters have their own reprective stages uniquely tailored to the game world they reside from.

I had doubts when I heard of a "special button". The controls are simplified slightly to allow even the newest of players a fighting chance in between the horrible beat-downs that veterans can dish out.

Your standard hard and light attacks have been combined to their respective buttons along with the "special" button. Bumpers have been mapped with team tags. Triggers for ground and air recovery.

Special moves have been super simplified to most being two forward fireballs( down down-forward foward) and two attack buttons, or variations of the like.

All in all, the controls are a bit getting used to. They give more enjoyment to new players while allowing the vets to continue to do what they love.

What the shit guys....
Seriously??? The roster has been cut in half.
The problem is I don't have an issue with any of the characters In the game, I have a problem with who ISN'T.

Zero,Amaterasu,Spencer, arthur, dante, Trish,doramammu, super skrull. Just some of the notable entrees.

Who isn't in the game? Venom, Ken, dan, megaman(srsly??) beast, cyclops, blackheart, ruby, little red, son son. I mean come on guys...

The only hope I see is them pumping out dlc characters. As of this post Jill valentine( not the original :( ) and shuma-gorath have been released, both for 400 ms pts. But to get to the roster of mvc2 your looking at at least another 40$ of dlc :(

Standard arcade, versus, online versus.

Two new modes, shadow battles and event modes.

Shadow battles pits you up against an AI that is built around a actual person, whether a programmer or a professional. The difficulty varies with the limited choices but as it develops it should be good.

Event mode augments your arcade and online matches. Giving you objectives "complete arcade with diminished hp" or " only combos 5 or higher deal damage" these make the arcade mode brutally Difficult, and accomplishing one unlocks a bragging title for online fights.

Its a good game, but as is it is a shell waiting to be filled. More characters are a MUST to increase the longevity of this title.

I recommend a purchase if your a fan of the series or looking for a decent time sink. 2-4 player recommended for maximum entertainment :)

Critical comments are appreciated. Pictures and videos for the next review

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  1. Sounds like it's going to be based on DLC and everything I've been hearing says MVC2 was much better. Depressing to all if I might add. Also obviusly following you so if you could comment and do the same for me I'd appreciate it. Thanks!