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Monday, March 28, 2011

Shit just got serious

So, just found this nifty app. It's almost certain that I'm going to post more while I'm on the run, and at work than I will at home.

This will make my blog 1000x more active than it has been. I also apologize in advance, my posts will probably be short, single ideas. Or something crazy that has happened overnight at my store (more or less the latter)

For tonight, I'm finding it increasingly more difficult to tell people buying toilet paper at 2am to "have a nice night" :-/

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  1. Well I'm excited! My giancee and I just got a windows 7 mobile phone and we're both excited. Can't wait to see more posts!

    BTW please follow my fiancee! She'll follow you in return

  2. Good! I can't wait to see these ideas. Many times we forget little ideas that could help us later. Hopefully now, that won't happen!